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The key points to consider when you replace your sprayhood or commission a new one are:

Are you happy with the height i.e Can you see over/under it, will the boom clear it even if you leave it up whilst sailing and sheeted in hard?

As with any of the fitted hoods there is always a compromise between practicality and aesthetics. We find there is always an optimum position which achieves this, it just takes awhile to try out all the possibilities which is why we like you involved at the planning stage.

If you would like your existing frames re-covered and you are happy with the position then we are just as happy to replicate your old sprayhood exactly as you like it.


For frames we use as standard premium grade 316 3/4"stainless steel

The fittings we use to secure the hood to the boat (if there are existing fittings we always try to utilise them unless damaged) will be either, or a combination of; Lift the dot studs, press studs, turnbuckles, hooks, lacing buttons.

The hood itself would made out of acrylic canvas with a polyurethane coating for extra water resistance while retaining breathability. The canvas has excellent stability in sunlight and is light but strong.It comes in a great variety of colours, the most popular at present are the two navy blues.

The window material we use is uv stable 30 or 50 thou gauge. We prefer to use the heavier gauge material in sprayhoods where strength is needed but flexibility isn't so much of an issue.

Price guide....subject to individual requirements and restrictions.

Stainless steel frames min. £100.00 each + deck fittings

Grabrail incl stand off fittings £120.00

Replacement hoods start at £450.00 Westerly Centaur, Hunter Horizon 27

Sadler 29, Westerly Konsort £500.00

Westerly Fulmar £550.00

Maxi 33, Hallberg Rassy £600.00

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