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Standard sailcovers i.e. your mainsail sits in a track along the boom with the luff sliders stacking up the mast. All sailcovers are kindest to the sail if they are made with breathable acrylic canvas. We think the most user friendly fastening system would be a zip vertically at the mast with a side release buckle top and bottom, and nylon turnbuttons along the bottom edge. You may of course be happier with hooks and eyelets with bungee cord, no problem.

Lazyjack sailcovers are becoming increasingly popular being particularly useful for the shorthanded sailor. We have steadily perfected the art of these with the the help of feedback from customers. We have seen countless covers come in for repair (not ours) and apart from a restitch or patch most of the problems could be averted in manufacture.

...I'm not giving any secrets away here but do call to discuss.

Dodgers can be plain or with lettering, in acrylic canvas or pvc.


The dimensions we need to make any of the above are straightforward, contact us and we will forward the information. If your boat is lying locally we can measure.


Cost guide

Standard sailcovers £14.00 per foot of length

Lazy jack sailcovers (stackamains) £24.00 per foot of length (we don't supply lazyjack system itself, just the cover and the front cowl.)

Dodgers £90.00 the pair. Letters block style £3.20 We can also supply your chosen font.

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