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We can recover your existing cushions or make templates and supply new foam.

The best results are achieved by creating the cushions from scratch, that way we know they will fit and look good.

We use combustion modified (fire retardant) foam, usually 4" deep for berth and saloon cushions, 2" deep for cockpit cushions. We apply a layer of polyester wadding to add comfort. For the backs of the cushions we use a slightly breathable cloth to cut down on condensation.

The original way to close the cushion cover would be zip. All you find is that the slider corrodes to the zip and you can't open or close the cover. We use velcro, it takes the marine environment in it's stride.


We have a good selection of pattern books with high quality fabrics. Our suppliers know that mid tone blues or terracotta, with either a small pattern or some texture work well in a boat interior. these fabrics do retail in excess of £25.00 per mtr, they have superlative rub tests and are designed for contract use.

If you prefer to source your own fabric that's fine, we just need to discuss suitability and potential quantity ordering glitches such as pattern repeats.

Cockpit cushions

Vinyl has always been the fabric of choice for cockpit cushions, you might want to consider acrylic canvas for a friendlier feel.

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